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A heads up ‑ there are delays in the plumbing industry nationwide at the moment due to the global impact of COVID‑19 and a huge increase in demand. We’ve started to see a delay on products with short stock and long wait times. This is true across trades as a whole including construction etc. If you’ve got any projects planned in the near future, this may impact your timing.

So what can you do??

Order Early

Ordering everything in early is your best strategy. Our biggest delay is waiting on shopping and logistics on the products themselves. If you get your products ordered ahead of time through your suppliers, we’ll be more likely to be able to get your job done in a timely manner. The majority of products in NZ are imported or rely on parts that can’t be produced here, so this is even true for NZ manufactured goods.

Book your tradies in

The whole trades industry is seeing a staff shortage. This was true even before the demand boom we’re seeing now! Booking all of your tradies in early will mean everyone can work together to schedule each piece of the puzzle and get your job done as quickly as possible. After lockdown, there will also be a backlog of projects so you’re best to get in touch much earlier than usual. A lot of tradies are booked well into 2022 so this will avoid delays.

Give your friendly tradies lots of notice!

Give us (and your other tradespeople!) plenty of notice of any jobs in the pipeline to make sure we can fit you in. Happy planning and we’ll see you out there!


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