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Renovating your bathroom is an exciting job! Maximising the space you have available will not only add value to your home but will create a wonderful extension of your internal layout.

Knowing what to spend your money on to achieve the best results can often be tricky, who do you hire? And what do you invest in? To answer these important questions, we have compiled the 5 most common mistakes made during a bathroom renovation and provided you with handy alternatives that will make the process a seamless and stress-free experience for both you and the team of professionals.

1. Not Engaging A Plumber Prior To The Planning Stage

Forgetting how important your plumber is during the planning process of your bathroom is the number one common mistake made during the renovation process. Seeking advice from a professional prior to work being done will ensure you are getting relevant and accurate advice from an experienced bathroom specialist.

Engaging with a plumber prior to the planning stages of your bathroom renovation will give you a realistic picture of what to expect throughout the process. Whether you have a particular look in mind, or if you have decided to shift the toilet or taps, a registered plumber can support you in doing it properly. The key to any bathroom renovation is avoiding costly mistakes and hazardous oversights, all of which is easily done if you have an untrained eye.

Our best advice for planning a bathroom renovation: Enlist in the services of a fully certified, experienced plumber before you start.

2. Not Using New Zealand Fitment Fixtures

Finding your fixtures on the internet can be an exciting and creative task throughout your bathroom renovation, but the risks associated with these imported options makes it our number two most common mistake.

The problem with imported fixtures is that they are not backed by New Zealand plumbing merchants, which means, once they arrive at your door there are no guarantees and no set standards for the quality of their construction or their usability in your bathroom.

When you purchase your fixtures through a plumbing merchant, who then pays for the plumber’s time, you are securing a warranty on the products and a guarantee of their compatibility with your bathroom, protecting you from costly repairs later on.

When it comes to bathrooms, construction is everything, which is why choosing fixtures the professionals prefer to use is the surest way to renovate your bathroom to a high-quality standard.

3. Not Having Your Fixtures On Site

Our number three most common mistake made during a bathroom renovation is not having your fixtures on site before the work commences. The plumber cannot start if they do not have the in-wall mixers for the shower and bath, the bath and the acrylic shower tray if you are not having a tiled shower.

Specifications for everything else, such as the vanities and toilets and showers should be emailed to your plumber prior to starting and a copy of them on site is always a good idea.

Doing this will ensure your plumber can do their job properly and carry out the work on time, saving you the cost of additional visits.

4. DIY

How hard could knocking down some walls and joining a bit of plumbing be? As it happens, very. Perhaps the demolition of walls and cabinets is straightforward and easy for some, but the DIY demolition of plumbing fixtures could turn into a sticky situation!

Our number four biggest mistake for bathroom renovations turns out to be the riskiest for anyone doing all or part of the work themselves. DIY bathrooms are more popular than ever, with kit sets available and a range of easy to install designs, why wouldn’t you give it a go?

The installation and repair of your water fixtures is the most important part of any bathroom, as they are the primary function of its use. Working with a certified and registered plumber to properly install your plumbing and taps would be one of our best pieces of advice for any DIYer.

5. Over Spending

Keeping on budget throughout the process of renovations can be a tightrope, that is why our number five common mistake made during a bathroom renovation is overspending.

Purchasing overpriced new toilets, sinks taps and showers is the quickest way to gobble up your allocated budget. We would recommend shopping around and enlisting the advice and expertise of an experienced plumbing team. Not surprisingly, plumbers are involved in bathroom renovations from the beginning, meaning they can give you the best tips on where to spend your money.

Keep in mind the benefits of saving money through timeless fixtures, choosing simple and modern options will ensure your bathroom doesn’t prematurely date and your renovations will not need costly updates every few years.
Economising on fittings will keep you within budget without missing out on the new experience of stylish new taps and an improved water system.

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