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If you’ve been looking around for a firm to repair your leaky hot water cylinder or to handle your planned bathroom renovations, the odds are that you’ve come across the term ‘Master Plumber’. You might be wondering how these firms are different from other tradespeople and whether they’re worth making sure your chosen plumber is a member of the association.

In this article, we’ll discuss four reasons why you should consider using a Master Plumber for your gasfitting, plumbing, and drainlaying needs.

What Is A Master Plumber?

Master Plumber firms are members of New Zealand’s Master Plumbers organisation. This group has been around for 120 years and, with 18 associations and branches around the country, is dedicated to excellence in gasfitting, plumbing, and drainlaying.

To qualify for membership, plumbing businesses must agree to ongoing Quality Assurance reviews. These ensure that Master Plumber members perform at their best and offer their customers exceptional plumbing, gasfitting, and drainlaying services and workmanship.

Now that you know what a Master Plumber is, we’ll cover what factors make them stand out.

1. They’re Fully Authorised Tradies

Did you know that it’s illegal to do most sanitary plumbing, gasfitting, and drainlaying by yourself in New Zealand? That is because it’s ‘restricted’ work due to the health and safety risks inherent to such projects. Poorly done plumbing can be an expensive mistake to make – and you risk voiding your insurance, too.

This means that you must use an authorised tradesperson for any plumbing, gasfitting, and drainlaying work. Choosing Master Plumbers means that you won’t have to take the time to painstakingly assess your plumber’s qualifications, as all member firms are authorised to carry out all the work they do.
All Master Plumbers are also required to have a Certifying tradesperson on their team. These tradies have the highest qualifications in the industry and are responsible for making sure that their company’s work is done to a competent standard.

2. A High Quality Of Work Is Assured

As part of their membership requirements, Master Plumbers must undergo regular, ongoing Quality Assurance reviews. This ensures that they’re consistently held to high standards, setting them apart from other plumbers in the industry.

These reviews assess whether the business is performing at maximum health and safety and quality standards. They make sure that all Master Plumbers are providing the best possible services to their customers.
All Master Plumbers must also comply with a good practice code as well as a code of conduct.

3. You’ll Get The Job Done Right

Master Plumbers are fully qualified to handle any plumbing, gasfitting, and drainlaying needs you might have. Whether you need a leaky tap fixed, have minor renovations planned, or are looking at installing new piping entirely from scratch, you can rely on Master Plumbers to get the job done to a high standard.

4. Peace Of Mind With A 12-Month Guarantee

In the unlikely event of substandard workmanship or the loss of your advance to a contractor if they go into liquidation, you’ll be fully protected with a 12-month residential Master Plumbers guarantee. Best of all, it’s easy to make claims with a convenient claim form.

If you’re ready to turn to a skilled team of Master Plumbers guaranteed to bring you excellent results, Grace Plumbing is here to help. To request a quote or to learn more about our services, please drop us a line at 022 671 8125 or email us at

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