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Like any system in your home, your pipes, sinks, toilets, water heater, and other plumbing fixtures will suffer wear and tear over time. Having your plumbing inspected regularly with a plumbing maintenance check is a good way to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.  

Having the right information for your plumber is key to making sure you get the most out of your plumbing maintenance visit! 

1. Tell us what’s what 

Get together a bit of a list of how your plumbing has been working, any issues or concerns you’ve had, any attempts to fix things, and any plans to change your plumbing soon. The brand and approximate age of fixtures, along with as many photos as you can provide will also help us to give an accurate estimate and save time. Write down the last date you had plumbing maintenance done and any issues you needed fixed then. That way you won’t forget anything you need to mention on the day!    

The more detail you can give us, the better. Let us know when you first noticed any problems, if you’ve had any problems in the past, and any upcoming plans so we can be well prepared and recommend the best solution. Writing it all down is the best way to make sure we’re armed with all the info and make the whole process smoother for yourself and us on the day. 

2. Locate the basics 

It’s a great idea to know where your water heater, water source, and mains water valve are. If you don’t know, have a look around and find all these spots and let us know so we’re prepared to quickly and easily turn them off if need be. 

3. Clean & clear 

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised! Leaving the areas we need to work on clean and clear is awesome for us as it makes access quicker and easier! List out the areas that will need maintenance work – give them a quick clean, and clear any cleaning products, candles, etc out of the way. Our team will always clean up after themselves post-job too! 

4. Look out for obstacles 

Similarly, if you clear out any obstacles that might be in the way, it’ll be quicker and easier for your plumber to access and complete your job. Move any obstacles to another spot before the plumber arrives. This may include pets, even though we all love them! Especially, if they’re escape artists and your plumber needs to get in and out, it might be a good idea to put them in another room for the job. 

5. Expect an estimate, not an exact quote up-front 

We’ll always give as accurate an estimate as possible based on your description, but it’s always a bit of a guess. We have to take a look to know for sure what work is required. We’ll always let you know and ensure we give you the best range of options we can. 

Grace Plumbing has been servicing East Auckland for over 20 years, based in Mt Wellington. To book your plumbing maintenance, get in touch with our friendly team! 

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